Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ron Paul's real supporters

UPDATE-- the Ron Paul website linked below has now been altered, and the announcement I referenced no longer appears. I'm shocked, shocked that he would do this. :-)


Do you remember hearing Ron Paul in that Republican debate on Fox the other day? How he spoke in a perpetually raised and whiny voice, and everything he said seemed to come from the edge of lunacy?

I've had some trouble understanding how Mr. Paul could draw any support at all from the right, even though he's nominally a libertarian. His followers are loud and confrontational, sometimes even threatening, not at all like the Libertarians I know or even conservatives in general.

But his own website makes it clear where his actual support lies.

Note the instruction at the top of the page--

"You must be registered with the correct party to vote for Ron Paul in closed primaries!"

Or in other words, "don't forget to switch your registration from Democrat to Republican so you can vote for Paul. You can always switch back later for the general election."

Now you understand why you have a natural dislike of Ron Paul supporters. They're just liberals trying to mix flies into the ointment.


hahajohnnyb said...

Ever consider maybe Ron Paul Supporters are concerned Americans who are afraid of the direction that this country is headed?

Don't you wonder how your parents were able to make it on a single income, but both you and your wife have to work to make ends meet?

Don't you get sick of working til May to pay off your income taxes?

When you read the Constitution and look at the levaithon that the Federal Government has become, do you wonder how it got this way?

Wouldn't it be nice to see a President being sworn into office and know that he takes that oath seriously and doesn't think that the constitution is subjective to creative populist readings?

Ever wonder why the Republican Party couldn't dig up anything better this year?

Please, if you can find the time, look seriously at all of issues that are facing this country and check out Ron Paul's stance on the issues. I sincerely believe that he is the best candidate to beat Hillary, and that he's the best candidate for America. People are fanatical about the man for good reason, he is the Thomas Jefferson of our time and we have never had an opportunity to vote for a man of such quality in our lifetime.

DavoGrande said...

This comment sounds sane, but Ron Paul doesn't.