Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mellencamp moralizing

Just heard that in the new Mellencamp song "Jena, take your nooses down" (already makes me want to barf just reading the title) there is a line that includes this--

"all white jury hides the executioner's face"

Does anyone know if Mellencamp knows that there were THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY jury summonses sent out to black people in Jena?


Lots of people, perhaps even most people (although that is just a guess), don't bother to respond to a jury summons, especially if its the first one they ever received. It is possible that one ethnic or racial group might be predisposed to ignore such things in slightly larger numbers than another such group, and I don't intend to ignore reality or its pressures here.

But not one response to 350 summonses? And Mellencamp has the audacity to imply in a song, one with which he clearly intends to guide public opinion, that somehow it is someone's fault, for the same reasons that caused the nooses to be hung in the tree? That evil white racists prevented good honest black people from sitting on that jury?

Nooses = ugly, mindless, provocative behavior that is to be maligned and rejected every time it is seen, as it has been on this case.

Almost every other fact of this case = an opportunity for professional leftist megaphone moralizers to be vague and loose and deceptive, to enhance their own reputations while destroying those of people who do not deserve it.

And Mellencamp has long been one of that group. He has demonstrated amply over the years that he has little command of the actual facts, only a left-wing jerk of the knee which makes it amazing that he can stand on a stage, let alone maintain something resembling rhythm.

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