Monday, October 29, 2007

Mohammed is upset...

That would be Mohammed El Baradei, the UN's chief nuke bureaucrat, who apparently is not happy about the Israeli bombing of the Syrian nuke installation.

Specifically, he decries the fact that nobody gave the UN any evidence at all of this installation before it was bombed. "We have a system", he says, and he's upset that it was ignored. He thinks the system is undermined by bombing first and asking questions later.

I have a couple of questions for Mr. El B:

How many years would have been required for your official UN investigation of Syria?

Could they have finished their reactor and had fuel for nuclear weapons before you even sent in the first inspector?

Would you have even instigated an investigation on the evidence that Israel had, given that nobody else had that evidence or even suspected a nuclear site in Syria?

And, on a related note, are you going to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons with this system of yours? Pardon my spasm of doubt.

The Israelis were ON THE GROUND at this location, with at least one spy on the scene. Their soldiers, special ops people, had arrived there and used lasers to target the building for the bombers.

There is NO DOUBT this was a nuke facility, given the silence from all the other Arab countries about the attack. The Arab nations are afraid that Iran, and its puppet Syria, will build their capabilities to the extent that they will be able to easily win the coming Sunni-Shia war, and the Arabs were consequently glad that Israel attacked.

There is no other explanation for the lack of loud whiny complaints from them about "Israeli aggression" and so forth.

Instead of whining about being out of the loop, Mr. El B, how about becoming part of the solution instead of part of the problem?

But of course that will not happen. The U.N. is, after all, the world's largest anti-Semitic institution, with fully 50% of the resolutions of the past ten years being essentially anti-Israel resolutions; and they just ignore the other 50%, a dozen of which would have prevented the Iraq war had they been enforced in the first place.

But all they do is make resolutions against Israel and then complain about Israel. The U.N., as a going concern of good intent and real influence, is over. Now it is simply an extension of Eurabia, a voice for anti-Israel and anti-Bush sentiments, and cannot at all be trusted to do any good in this world.

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