Friday, October 19, 2007

group versus group

I love this.

As Instapundit and several others have pointed out, it's either proof that there really isn't an energy 'crisis', or that America really doesn't need to do anything about CO2--

or it's proof that Ted Kennedy and the rich libs of Taxachusetts are total complete utter hypocrites, NIMBY types who want the little people to take all the hits in terms of lifestyle change.

They have torpedoed the project to bring a windfarm to the Cape.

Not in my backyard.

best part?

"... Ted Kennedy... ...oppose... ... own property from where.... .... see the turbines on a clear day... along with some environmental groups...

the project's supporters... along with other environmental groups.... "

So some groups support it, other groups oppose it, but there is no doubt where the Royal Kennedys stand. Leftist principles be damned, you'll spoil my view, my good man, it's out of the QUESTION!

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