Monday, October 8, 2007

It was obvious

The moment I heard that a so-called witness to Haditha was "a film student", I knew it was a setup.

That description was designed specifically to explain why the guy had a video camera and was taping everything there.

But the man was 43, and not attending any school! How hard is this, folks?

Now the details of the careful plan to set up our Marines to kill innocents are available here.

Tip o' the hat to the fiercely attractive (and attractively fierce) Pamela at Atlas Shrugs. She's right... this story will be printed on the same page of the New York Times that carries Murtha's apology to our troops.

Meaning never, of course.

I now have to wonder if Murtha knew all along about this, and if his accusations (from a former Marine, remember, for credibility) were merely a distant part of the same setup. I wonder if George Soros knew about it, or Kos, or even Hillary Clinton. Who knew that this was all a setup, and when did they know it?

Another question that will never be asked. And careers and lives have been ruined; the best our country has to offer have been stained and jettisoned like garbage, all for the sake of leftist politics from Bush-haters.

The longer I live, the more revulsion I feel for the American political left.

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