Monday, June 2, 2008

Libertarians plan to overplay their hand

So when Bob Barr first announced he was running for Prez as a libertarian, he was asked by Sean Hannity how he rationalized the fact that he would take mostly Republican votes and that he was likely to cause McCain to lose and a Marxist wacko named Obama to become President.

Barr's answer was utterly disappointing; he dodged the question by simply saying he was trying to offer Americans who are disenchanted with Washington a different choice and that he believed they would take it.

Barr knows, as does the vast majority of Americans, that he will likely be a Perot, taking votes from McCain and causing Obama to win. In fact, Barr has hired people who worked for Perot fifteen years ago.

He knows.

And this article makes it clear the Libertarian Party, though not enchanted with Barr, lusts to be the 'decider' of this presidential election.

It is disappointing and disturbing.


Shawn Levasseur said...

"Lusts to be the 'decider'"

No, we want to win.

But being greater than the margin of victory is an intermediary goal. It signals that the loser of the race could have won if he courted the small government voters better.

Do I want Obama president? No. But big government Republicans don't appeal to me either.

If I can't vote for smaller government now, when can I?

Hyping up Obama to be some threat that cannot be allowed to serve in the White House smells like a desperation tactic to me.

We'll survive whoever wins. We won't survive forever waiting for the D's or R's to someday, maybe be concerned about the size and scope of the government.

Business as usual in Washington: That's disappointing and disturbing

Shawn Levasseur said...

Mind you, I don't worry about GOP partisans going on like this.

That in and of itself is a good sign.

Far better that Republicans fear that the Libertarians will become spoilers, that just dismissed entirely.

That in and of itself is another intermediary goal, as it shows increasing relevance, where we can't be shut out of the discussion.