Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama gets steadily scarier....

From the Ft. Wayne Gazette comes this story about the various propositions of the two presidential candidates. At the end, it brings up a few things about Barack Hussein Obama. Excerpts in blue, my comments in black--

"Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Wednesday he would bring Osama bin Laden to justice in a way that wouldn’t allow the terrorist mastermind to become a martyr, but he may be killed if the U.S. government finds him.

Bring him to justice in a way that doesn't allow him to become a martyr. Capture him alive, in other words. Exactly how he plans to do this he doesn't say, and no intrepid reporters managed to ask. Then he waffles, saying bin Laden might get killed in the process of being taken alive.

...he said the Nuremberg trials for the prosecution of Nazi leaders are an inspiration because the victors acted to advance universal principles and set a tone for the creation of an international order.

Obama still hasn't figured out that the Nuremberg Trials were a MILITARY TRIBUNAL in which the guilty parties had NO habeus corpus rights, just like the battlefield-captured terrorists at Guantanamo (until last week). He has been quoted last week as saying the Supreme Court justices were right to give these terrorists the rights of U.S. citizens on U. S. soil, but praises a proceeding which did no such thing for Nazi prisoners.

Interestingly, he thinks of the Nuremberg Trials as having an entirely new 'tone', but they actually were conducted based on established international law and trial procedures. The only thing 'new' is that they happened, which was a consequence of the ending of that war and the defeat of the Nazis. The path and purpose of the proceedings had been established for some time. The League of Nations and the Geneva Conventions and so forth had been in place for years.

Obama was questioned about bin Laden after he met with a new team of national security advisers.

The old team having met with some public relations difficulties.

The meeting came after rival presidential candidate John McCain’s campaign said Obama had a pre-9/11 mind-set for promoting criminal trials for terrorists."

Actually, if he's that much of a fan of the Nuremberg Trials, let's just propose to him that we conduct all our affairs with captured prisoners exactly the same way. Military tribunal, no rights granted the prisoners except the right to speak in their own defense.

We'll see how much he actually likes the Nuremberg Trials.

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