Monday, June 2, 2008


Taxes on vehicles, the larger the vehicle, the more tax, and taxes on WHERE they go.

Taxes on fuel, in ADDITION to the price hikes fuel has undergone in the past year.

Stupid methanol subsidies, resulting in rapid increases in the price of food as farmers worldwide switch to corn and sell to fuel producers, because that's where the money/subsidy is.

These are 'green' policies, English style. And the English, to coin a phrase, are revolting. So are people all over Europe.

These increased costs, threatening to starve the poor and destroy the incomes of many a lower middle class worker, are already unbearable and already receiving mass protest in many forms.

And this is very early in the game, folks. The UN has not yet inflicted itself on us in any meaningful way, Kyoto has been rejected, and the Democrat congress hasn't managed to get anything past Bush that really matters.

But imagine a strong Democrat congress with Barack Obama as president. Imagine a UN and a euroleftist cabal that have free access to American taxpayer funds and can set policy that President O will rubberstamp.

Imagine a totally plundered American economy, in which 'poor, minorities will be hardest hit', as the newspapers always say. But everyone will be hit.


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