Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gore's weight gain matched by his electric bill...

Looks like Algore hasn't finished all his 'green power' modifications at the palatial Gore mansion in Tennessee... his electric bill is higher than ever.

Al Gore uses more energy in the form of electricity in a month than the average American uses in a year. And that's just at HOME, never mind all the jetsetting around in his Gulfstream private planes and all the fancy hotels at faraway leftist thinktank (drunktank) meetings.

His 'people' claim he's buying electricity from alternative sources like windmills and so forth, so he has a smaller 'footprint' (but still a huge buttprint), but I'd like to see how his house is wired... is it a separate grid that delivers these alternative types of electricity? No, it's just an accounting trick, like when he 'donates' his profits from his movie to 'charity' and it turns out to be an ecological charity owned BY HIM, which pays him a hefty salary.

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