Friday, June 6, 2008

Obama and Michelle's "video" rumor

Someone finally asked him about this rumor that Michelle appears in a videotape badmouthing "whitey".

B.O.'s first comments, that rumors get spread much easier on the web these days than before the days of instant worldwide communication but that they should get no more credence than that, was reasonable.

Then someone asked "do you know this rumor is not true?"

He responded, "I've answered this question. Frankly, my hope is people don't play this game."

Then more about how rumors spread and how terrible it is and how we shouldn't do it.

Someone asked him if it's acceptable to ask the question, and he ventured that people should think about it before they ask about rumors.


But this is not even CLOSE to a denial. He's insisted on a previous occasion that if anyone has evidence that he or Michelle have ever spoken this way, let's see the evidence.

Less like a denial than a bravado-masked inquiry, don't you think?

Seems to me like he wonders if there is such a tape and hopes there is not. In the meantime he's trying to convince the press and the public that it's somehow unsavory to talk about, or ask him about, such a tape.

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