Thursday, June 5, 2008

Future news story

After the Tony Rezko convictions became public news, Barack Obama went back to the same well from which he dipped up the classic "He's not the Reverend Wright I knew" line.


"This isn't the Tony Rezko I knew" was his response, as well as a lame suggestion that 'reforms' are needed, as if it was a policy or law problem that cause Rezko's misbehavior.

Rezko is a criminal. Many who play the crooked Chicago politics game are criminals. Barack Obama plays that game very well.

Headline on the Future News Network--

"Senator Barack Obama today confronted reports that he has contradicted himself on many top issues during the campaign by watching the videos of himself and saying, ' that's not the Barack Obama I knew. Reforms need to be undertaken to prevent this from happening again, and I'm the guy to undertake them'."

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