Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still waiting...


Okay, Johnson's gone, 'officially'. Too much heat in the kitchen.

But do not believe for a MOMENT that anything is actually different. It's all nomenclature and verbal gymnastics, as when Obama claimed 'he doesn't work for me, I"m not paying him'. That's true, but irrelevant. The point was, and is, Obama's circle is just jam packed with radicals, corrupt machine types and criminals. And James Johnson is as corrupt as they come. His advice will receive as much consideration as Obama had planned to give it, only now it will not be publicly acknowledged.

/end update


Still waiting for ANY associates of Barack Obama to be ordinary, normal Americans with no radical, corrupt or criminal history.

Still waiting.

Lately he's chosen Eric Holder, former Justice guy under Clinton, to help him find a veep. Holder steered lawyers the right way a few years back and secured a pardon for billionaire Marc Rich, a tax fugitive living it up in Europe but wanted here in America by the IRS, and certain to go to prison if he came back. Holder has admitted, apparently, that his purpose in doing this was to earn favors with certain people so that he stood a better chance of becoming Attorney General in the future.

Another superb choice of search committee membership is James Johnson, who will become famous for having friends in high places at Countrywide lending company. Countrywide has come under incredible scrutiny during the 'housing crisis' for steering lower class applicants to higher interest rate mortgages, and there is something to those charges. But Johnson accepted a loan from Countrywide for almost a million dollars, at an interest rate lower than 4% when the going rate was 6%.

This is a gift, tens of thousands of dollars of free money in each year of the mortgage. It makes him beholden to Countrywide's executives, and perhaps to the IRS as well. Obama has simultaneously attacked Countrywide for its contribution to the housing 'crisis' and welcomed aboard one of it's multimillionaire 'friends with benefits' to the search committee for veep!

Johnson, tellingly, is also the second in command of the Perseus Fund. It's founder and captain is George Soros. Nuff said.

It's so bad, even the WaPo has offered up an article about Obama's insider problem. The article, though, fails to mention that Johnson is a partner of Soros. This could be the single biggest problem Obama has, as many Americans will not forget "Betray Us".

Johnson and Holder join Wright and Rezko and who knows how many, when its all over, with more than questionable backgrounds who are now part of the 'Obama legend'.

Does he have ANY associates and friends who are NOT corrupt, radical or criminal?

Still waiting.

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