Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We can't drill our way out of this addiction

So far this week, I've heard over a half dozen prominent democrats say this, verbatim. They throw in a couple of figures, also pretty much verbatim from the DNC fax of talking points.

Their figures?

We use 25% of the world's oil production while our national reserves are only 2% of the world's reserves. Ergo, summa, non bona, yada yada.

This is apples to oranges. RESERVES and PRODUCTION are two different things. Provable reserves are VASTLY larger than annual production. 2% of provable reserves is an ENORMOUS amount of oil.

The dems are attempting to hoodwink America into believing that tapping these reserves would have a minimal effect on price, but their numbers are deeply deceitful. And they're swimming against a tide of voter anger, where this week even LIBERALS are polled as supporting new drilling 46% vs. 35% against. The nation overall is more than 60% in favor of new drilling.

I always wondered what the price of change was, and apparently it's $4 a gallon.

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