Friday, June 13, 2008

doing my small part....

.. to spread the work and the word of Melanie Phillips, the last remaining wise Briton.

Well, sometimes it SEEMS that way. :-)

Some have said that because Obama was a muslim only as a child, well then 'apostate' does not apply, as Islam withholds the penalty of death if the change is made in childhood.

As Melanie points out, Obama was raised and schooled as a Muslim for at least part of his childhood, but did not 'become a Christian' (in quotes because in my view he did not and is not) until he was almost 30.

This means the death penalty for apostasy is very much in play.

Is it going to be the KKKlan? Some redneck? A bitter, Bible-clinging, unemployed, gun-toting Pennsylvanian shooting him at a gas station, as his wife has suggested?

Not likely.

Could be a virgin-seeking missile, though.

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