Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Simply Obamanable

For Barack Obama to misstate the number of American states is a gaffe. For him to misspeak the name of Sioux Falls or Sioux City or Sunrise or Sunshine is a gaffe. He's tired, campaigning is hard, brains cramp.

I can understand his small casual errata.

But for him to claim that 'fallen heroes' are in his audience for Memorial day simply shows what we already know; he is essentially disinterested in America, does not love it, does not feel patriotism, couldn't care less about national history or proud American traditions.

Every American knows Memorial Day is for dead people. That's what a MEMORIAL IS! You can't pay homage to the memory of someone who ISN'T DEAD!

Obama is a slacker, a postmodern dopesmoker who thinks about his country in casually dismissive terms. "Racist, greedy capitalist, environmentally polluting America." No sense wasting an ounce of brain power learning about THOSE traditions; we're here to CHANGE this country, not to celebrate her!

If he showed up at a funeral and lamented the passing of great people, many of whom are here today in this audience, what do you think people would do? Gasp in shock, of course. Rebuke him for being so contemptuously careless about these somber and important proceedings.

He would never make such a mistake, of course. HE KNOWS BETTER.

But he did NOT know better on Memorial Day. Such is his true color about his country. No red, white and blue, just beige. No passion, no commitment, no dedication, no love and no respect.

Next thing you know, he'll be singing the wrong words to the national anthem at a ball game.

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