Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And you thought it was only Europe....

Well, dear reader, the Islamic movement has gained a historic piece of American ground.

They have actually been granted something like police authority in a Miami neighbourhood, by the local government, on purpose. Serious-looking American men in suits, ties and the ever present sunglasses are going to be 'patrolling' a crime ridden Miami neighbourhood in some nebulous quasi-police role explained here.

Something between policing and community outreach, they say. They can talk to people who don't like talking to police, they say. No radios, they have to call 911 like everyone else, that's what they say. They're not police, they're 'liasons between police and the community'.

You see, they claim that they're interested in moral reform. Minister Rasul Mohammad says "what we need most is moral reform".

Moral reform. Why does some small reckless part of me wonder if there's going to be an increase in Muslim recruiting in this neighbourhood? That's what's happening in prisons. There's a British prison (ironically named "Whitemoor") so 'taken over' by Islam that the guards are afraid to go to work and white men are terrified of being sent there to serve time.

And now American Muslims, NOI types, are planning on expanding this fertile recruiting ground by patrolling neighbourhoods and recruiting the young criminals before they even GO to prison.

Even today Christians are still accused of constantly trying to get people to become Christians. Evangelizing, they call it in the Bible. "Get outta my face", says the American left when Christians evangelize to them. Much ground has been gained by the anti-Christians in terms of laws against prayer in schools, hate crimes (homophobia is said to be a Christian crime) and so forth.

These same people WELCOME Islam, probably because Islam is also extremely anti-Christian and seems like a fellow traveler with leftist tendencies.

And one day this bedfellow of theirs will absolutely swallow them whole.

The anti-religion types will find a much less meek religionist in the Muslim; the Koran tells them to take over the whole world by conversion or by the sword.

As opposed to the Evangelical who will walk away with his shoulders slumped at some point, driven to exhaustion by the frenetic opposition to his 'good news', the Islamic evangelizer will instead refuse to take no for an answer.

And he will lop off the heads of those who try treating him with the casual dismissive contempt aimed at the Christians.

The American version of the European transition to Eurabia has begun. The Nation of Islam is now the police, somewhere in Florida.

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