Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mystery solved

Charles Johnson at LGF has received some research from a lizardoid--

.. and the mystery of why Scott McClellan wrote his Bush bashing book is now solved.

It's called George Soros' money.

Scott McClellan has sold his soul for liberal money. His publishing company is owned by a financial group that is part of the Soros companies. There is also an investment fund group that is chock full of rich liberals (including the Clintons) who have benefited from Soros money as well.

Whenever a motive is a mystery, find the money trail and the mystery is solved. McClellan was always a man for sale.

As the son of Carol Keeton Strayhorn, former independent candidate for governor of Texas (who was said to be furious at the lack of support from Bush and the Republican party when she ran against former Bush Lt. Gov. Rick Perry), perhaps McClellan had other motives too.

But none of them were honest, none were upright. His 'outrage' at the evil Bush administration is fabricated, a product created for sale.

McClellan is a phony trying to get rich at other people's expense.

Through all this, nobody has revealed what his signing bonus was for the book, or what his payment terms are, or how much money he is expected to make. Anyone who writes a book liberals disagree with is instantly discredited as out for money, and these details unfailingly hit the press. Their absence is proof of his perfidy.

And once again, the dagger hits. Et tu, Brute. Bush sat with this man and congratulated him on the great job he did, thanked him, spoke of looking back warmly on these days in the future.

And in return, another knife in the back.

With all the responsibility of his post, Bush has suffered much over bad results from his decisions. He lies awake at night over the death of soldiers, and his tears are often public, much to his own dislike. I wonder, though, if the greater price he has paid has been to suffer the betrayals by the people he trusted.

As the only decent man in Washington, such things were always inevitable; they are doubtless no easier to take on that account.

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