Thursday, May 29, 2008

Err Amerika chickens comin' home... to ROOST

When the liberal radio network called Air America first began, the financing came from all over. People thought it was a great opportunity; imagine, a liberal radio show or shows with the success of Rush Limbaugh, only for OUR side! The nation is DYING to hear this stuff, it's gonna be a HOME RUN!

But of course, financing coming from 'all over' has a down side, and it included the looting of a New York charity of almost a million bucks, and lots of fraud and money laundering and so forth.

It's easy to convince people to make illicit 'loans' when you can make them believe it's short term and will be paid back with big interest. that, I'm sure, was the sell.

If they had consulted Limbaugh listeners, of course, they'd have known better. There is no market for liberal talk radio. People don't want to hear it. If they did, there would be a host of programs on local stations already taking advantage of that audience and those dollars.

No audience, no dollars. And that's what happened to Err Amerika.

Now those 'financiers' are coming home to roost, so to speak.

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