Thursday, April 3, 2008

Teds are goofy

About 20 years ago, Ted Danson famously started his environmental activist group, something about oceans, with a quote to the effect that within ten or twenty years our oceans would boil, or freeze, or just die of pollution or something. No fish, no survivors of any kind.

Unless we, the evil American public, change.

Danson is still giving interviews about the oceans, proving the press does NO fact checking these days.

But now another Ted is proving how silly Teds are, this time one named Turner.

He says there are too many people in this world, and within 40 years we're going to be starving and will turn to eating each other. Yes, fellow non-Teds, we are going to become cannibals. Dr. Lecter will doubtless be at the forefront with a chain of restaurants, if indeed Ted and Ted's excellent future adventures come to pass.

Me, I always wonder why the guys who complain that there are too many people on earth don't set a good example and off themselves.

Ted? Ted?

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