Thursday, April 10, 2008

Err Amerika actually has standards

In addition to being stunned at the fact that Air America, the left wing radio network that can't make a buck the honest way, is still actually broadcasting, I am now stunned to find that this bunch actually has standards.

They've fired Randi Rhodes, the jockette with the checkered present. She not only has faked a mugging (told people she was mugged when the truth was something wierder, involving a fall, possibly a drunken stupor or worse), she has recently used filthy language to describe the Obama non-supporters among the Democrat party. Hillary is a 'f***ing whore', Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary are both 'f***ing bitc**s', you get the picture. Randi Rhodes in top form.

OF course she immediately went back to her old job-- at Green 960 radio in San Francisco.

Where she was publicly welcomed. They're glad to have her back.

So what does Err Amerika do when it's missing a marquis name? They take a dip in the talent pool-- Hollywood actors. Richard Belzer will fill her timeslot on a temporary basis, probably trying to earn it permanently.

Yep, Richard Belzer from Law and Order. Used to be a comic, now a deadpan dramatic actor.

I wonder how Billary are taking this. The hardcore left were always in the bag for the Klintoons way back when. Now they seem to not only have lost their appetite for Klintommunism, they actually seem to hate the both of them. With a f**ing passion.


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