Tuesday, April 8, 2008

As I was saying....

It seems the curtain might have its corner pulled back, for a tantalizing peek at the nonexistent weapons of mass destruction that Saddam never had.

American media utterly ignored a book published in early 2006 by Georges Sada, a former Air Vice Marshal under Saddam Hussein. "Saddam's Secrets" told the story of how Saddam did not trust his military and instead commandeered Iraq Airlines planes and had all the seats taken out.

Sada says what came on board the newly created air transport fleet was dozens or hundreds of canisters of yellowcake. "Barrels, yellow barrels, with skulls and crossbones on them", he says.

Sada supervised the transport of this material to Syria after the collapse of a dam there made the transports plausible as construction aid and materials.

It's all in the book. A bit of it is on Melanie Phillips' blog.

And it's related to the recent Israeli bombing of that site in remote western Syria.

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