Sunday, April 27, 2008

random thought...

If the left is accurate in their criticisms that Bush is some sort of totalitarian who silences the dissenters, then why is it that the dissenters are all I hear, see and read?

If Bush was successfully silencing them, wouldn't they be... silent?

Real silencing of dissent results in things like Saddam's mass graves.

Where are the Bush mass graves? Where are the 'showers'? Where are the lists of the desaparados? Where are the Killing Fields? Where are the Bush gulags full of brave honorable journalists eating gruel and whispering to each other about First Amendment rights?

Anyone who lived in the 20th century is familiar with names like Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot. People who literally ordered the deaths of millions of their own citizens, to eliminate political opposition, to reduce the number of hungry mouths the state must feed, or simply because the millions are of the wrong racial background. Pol Pot in particular included Cambodians with eyeglasses on his to-be-slain list, on the grounds that they were intellectuals and could make a more effective political opposition.

Casual stupidity such as this is often the mark of the true dictatorship.

Real totalitarianism, real silencing of dissent, is easy to spot. It leaves a long bloody trail of corpses, empty homes, shattered families. The mark of a well-silenced dissent is that you NEVER HEAR IT.

Even if Bush was not a good, kind, loving and decent man, humbled by his knowledge of God and determined to do the right thing even when it is the hardest thing, I would never believe he was a totalitarian dissent-silencer without at least a couple of pits full of dead journalists or Democrats.

I disagree with Dubya on a number of important issues. I do not expect to end up in a pit.

The proof that the lefties are wrong about Bush being an evil silencer of dissent can be found in the sheer constant grating LOUDNESS of the complaints themselves. Reminds me of the Monty Python sketch in which the peasants bring a woman to the wise man of the village shouting 'a witch! A witch!' When the man asks how they know, one peasant shouts "She turned me into a newt!"

Long pause during which all realize he is in fact a human being.

Flustered, he claims "I got better."

Journalists claim to be silenced, Democrats claim to be repressed and smothered by the evil Bush machine, and yet, somehow, through all the repression and silencing by the evil Bush, we can still hear them loud and clear on every cable channel all day all night. They were silenced, but they got better.

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