Friday, April 4, 2008

The real question is....

Here's a great story about another front in the Dem crack-up, in which leftist radio personalities are censured for using filthy language to describe Dem candidates.

Err Amerika's Randi Rhodes made insulting remarks about Hillary recently, beyond even the soft parameters applied by management to that sort of personality, and was disinvited to work for a few days....

The greater question, of course, went unanswered--

Are they still on the AIR?

I thought Err Amerika folded months ago, after having illicitly drained the coffers of a publicly funded school in a scam to keep themselves afloat. I thought Err disk jockeys were quitting due to lack of paychecks.

I thought the new Err Amerika building was a tombstone. Really. And I do want to know how they managed to keep it going, and if taxpayer money is involved, well by all that is holy and good and decent, I want MY SHARE BACK.

It was an earmark that left a big red mark on my left ear, nasty stuff.

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