Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snow in unlikely places

UPDATE-- now it's early afternoon and fat wet snowflakes are blocking the view of the house across the street from me, so heavy is the fall. temperature has dropped from mid forties to mid thirties, will be 29 in the morning, and if there is much more snow it will stick and we'll be iced in.

Darn global warming is gonna kill us all.


This past year we've seen a deluge, if you will, of reports of snow in unlikely places.

Baghdad. Nobody there can remember the last time it snowed in Baghdad.

San Diego.

Lima, Peru.

And dozens of others.

It is somewhat less unlikely to have snow here in Dallas, Texas, of course. Happens every other winter or so, more or less. Last winter there were ice storms here, the kind that coat your car and make you wish you'd have carried ten gallons of hot water from the front door with you when you tried to go to work and couldn't get the key in the car door.

So this winter, we expected a pass. Global warming, right? The least it could do while threatening to kill us all is give Texans a break from winter weather.

So here in early March it was kind of disappointing to read today' forecast, calling for a 90% chance of snow.

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