Thursday, March 6, 2008

No Wonder Obama wants troops home

IT is beginning to be known that Obama is connected, through Rezko, to a bunch of very smelly Iraqi billionaires, and in very RECENT dealings.

Perhaps Obama has promised them to get our troops out so they can be free to indulge themselves in pillaging and corrupting the politicians of Iraq, as they seem to have done with some of ours.

Did you know that Rezko was born in Syria? That there are former Saddam officials and recent ministers of the present Iraq government involved with Rezko, one of whom was in jail over there awaiting trial for four months on a corruption charge and ESCAPED, and is now residing in his mansion... in CHICAGO?

This is all getting VERY interesting, and if it gets any hotter in that federal building, look for Dem higher-ups to find a way to torpedo the Obama candidacy.

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