Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rage and incoherence

Pastor Wright, the mentor and example and shining light of one Barack Obama, is finally getting the attention he deserves.

But what stands out to me is not so much the boilerplate black militant talking points; those after all have been around for forty years or more.

No, what stands out is the incoherence. He hates and hates and hates America, but the must cursory examination of the issues he mentions will yield a thorough concern for the mental stability of the good pastor. His classic liberal talking points about nuclear weapons and our primacy on the world stage and so forth are utterly superficial, sometimes in conflict with one another, and overall they give me the sense that he is less than mentally stable.

He is clearly nourished on black militancy and an unsatisfiable thirst for revenge of the black, against the white.

He doesn't acknowledge that the entire western world was guilty of this treatment of black people. He doesn't acknowledge that black people were, are, sold into slavery by other black people. He doesn't acknowledge what any black world traveler will tell you, that America is the least racist of any nation on earth in real daily life.

He doesn't acknowledge even that black people have their own racial prejudices. Ask Jews or Mexicans about that.

He believes America created AIDS to kill black people.

HE believes America knew in advance about Pearl Harbor, that it was deliberately used somehow as an excuse to go to war. Same for 9/11, of course.

He doesn't acknowledge that the reason we used the nuke in Japan is because our calculations of American casualties from a conventional invasion (necessary to end the endless war) were above a MILLION AMERICAN MEN (doubtless including some black men).

He doesn't acknowledge that most of the decisions in American history which he now decries were made in a complex and changing set of circumstances, or that most decision makers actually were and are decent men trying to do the right thing.

Wright believes that white people are responsible for much of the evil in the world and at home, and that they should be punished for their transgressions.

This is personal. I am a white person. I have never nursed any grudge against any black person, and have never been able to even understand the assumption that any race is somehow superior or inferior because of genetics. It is simply erroneous. It requires a certain level of stupidity or fear or hatred to believe something that visibly is not true. I do not hate, I am not afraid, and I am not stupid. The same can be said of hundreds of millions of Americans, ordinary decent people. Some are racist; the same can be said of some in every race.

We are farther along this road than we've ever been, and everywhere you see the evidence. Do interracial couples even get a GLANCE in the streets anymore? Not where I live. Truth is, race mongers like Jackson, Sharpton and Wright are starting to look like dinosaurs, anachronistic.

I do not claim to know, really know, the suffering of a black American; I cannot. But I do look around me and see incredible (given where we started) progress.

Mr. Wright has not changed his tune for forty years. America has changed its tune. He is out of tune. He is dissonant.

And Obama still calls him a mentor, a shining light for the past 20 years.

This is troubling, to say the least. Racism is not over; it will never be, because it springs from the flawed nature of human beings. Racism as national policy and cultural rule is most certainly over, to the point that people of all colors are voting by the millions for a black man BECAUSE he is black.

Never have so many white people taken advantage of such an opportunity to say to the world, and to themselves, "I am not a racist". What a great country, eh? Unless you're Barack Obama's preacher man.

One wonders what sort of world would satisfy him. One thing is certain; we will never have such a world, because man's sinful nature, man's built-in flaws (for which Jesus suffered and died, although Reverend Wright never seems to get to that part), will always bear bitter fruit.

BTW-- does anyone realize that Wright's divinity school degree has the equivalent of a 'major' in ISLAM?

For those conspiracy theorists who want to believe that Obama is a stealth Muslim out to destroy America, there's some red meat. I wonder why nobody has picked up on that.

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