Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mini-me's perfect pistol

A swiss gun maker has produced a limited edition pistol that is only two inches long.

It's a little revolver, believe it or not. This article in the Daily Mail (UK) gives the details, including security concerns in America about how this might avoid detection in travel situations.

The Swiss manufacturer is Jean-Francois Pompousass. Well, okay, that's not his name, but it is certainly his attitude. He thinks it's ridiculous, that many air guns have twice the muzzle speed (true), and he says--

"It is ridiculous. Why would criminals want my gun when you can go out and buy a Kalashnikov there already?"

There, as in here, in the USA, of course. A Swiss guy thinks people walk around with AK47s in regular America. That is the leftist anti-gun rights opinion in action, and in an irony doubtless unnoticed by any readers of leftist persuasion, he IS HIMSELF A GUN MANUFACTURER.

His guns, of course, are sold in small numbers and put on shelves in chateaus for display only.

Then again, he does manufacture the ammunition for this little popgun as well, so perhaps he does intend for someone to actually pull the trigger now and then.

2.34 mm rimfire cartridges, made only for this gun. If you grabbed a paper clip and used wire cutters to snip off about an eighth of an inch of the wire, that's about how big the bullets are.

American officials say it's lethal, because it can penetrate the skin and damage the heart.

Of course, this is kind of overkill. .177 caliber air pistols can do that too, probably deeper.

But this 'gun' can get past security as a KEY FOB. A MINIATURE TOY GUN.

So give them some credit for noticing it.

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