Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Global warming.. to a point

Here's a great story from Hungary on the awful terrible crisis of Global Warmening, courtesy of Tim Blair.

Apparently, the science which produced the 'runaway global warming' atmospheric model was all along based on a mathematic theorem produced in 1922.

Which would be fine, except that the 1922 theorem used as a base the notion that the atmosphere is infinitely deep.

Of course they already knew it wasn't, but sometimes an infinite base works almost as well as an actual number for such calculations, and nobody ever bothered to find out if an actual number would significantly change the outcome.

Until now. And it does.

In fact, this Hungarian scientist, formerly the loudest advocate there for Kyoto and a big believer in the warmening phenomenon, says the new formula causes negative feedback that serves to limit the carbon based warming activity, and the higher the warming, the greater the negative feedback.

His formula shows a strong coordination with the history of global weather, quick spikes of heating followed by long slow cooling spells. No other model predicts this, and they all have proven to predict warming that has not happened. in the predicted short term.

Not to mention the recent chart that shows 2007 was such a cooling year that it almost erased all the global warming of the past 100 years.

Again, remember the frightening forecasts after the big 2005 hurricane season, even more storms, ever more powerful, deadly danger, all Bush's fault, yada yada. What has followed was half the number of hurricanes in 2006 as in 2005, and just as few in 2007.

And watching the snowflakes come tumbling down just last week here in Texas has done nothing to convince me that we're going to be cooked off anytime soon.

If others are right about what drives it, it's the sun. And the sun is dead quiet, more than two years after the new cycle of sunspots was supposed to have already begun. DEAD quiet.

It's an eleven year cycle that is two years late and then some. This, to me, is enormously significant. The last time the sun was this quiet when it should have been active was just a few hundred years ago, and a generation of people in the northern hemisphere died of starvation and cold. Permafrost covered southern England. Crops did not grow. And it all happened AFTER Shakespeare wrote his plays. It is well remembered and completely documented.

And our present two years of cooling is, what, a coincidence? Quiet sun, cold air?

Seems completely normal to me. But then I'm not a scientist trying to keep his government funding and his professional reputation (which in too many cases seems to be for sale, for the funding).

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