Friday, August 31, 2007

play the substitution game....

... and ask yourself what would have happened to this girl if she had stood up at her graduation and said "there is but one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet".

Some sort of medal, perhaps? A new footwashing basin? The right to cover bare arms?

Whatever would happened, it would not be bad, it would be GOOD. It would be an expression of the school district's great desire to be seen to be welcoming and respecting diversity.

Instead, she heartily wished that everyone listening would get to know Jesus.


Of course, she didn't mention she'd be doing that, else they'd have prevented it by hook or crook. But now that it's done, she's been threatened with diploma-withholding, at the price of an apology. She's been commanded to publicly apologize for mentioning the name of Jesus Christ.

Now she's suing them, demanding compensation for violations of her OWN rights. And she's making me do something almost unnatural; cheering for a lawyer, namely hers.

And we have yet another chance to learn that liberals don't mean it when they say all religions and cultures are morally equivalent; it is their own culture, its religious foundations and traditions, that they simply cannot tolerate. And they are busily kicking the legs out from under JudeoChristian ethics and traditions, and they won't stop until they win or until they're FORCED to stop.

update- did you notice that this Denver high school has 15 valedictorians?

When I was a kid, there was 1. The second-place finisher was given a different name, I think the Salutatorian.

One year, those two were twin brothers. Talk about genetic gifts.... :-)

But 15? The net effect of this "there are only winners" policy is that each had only 30 seconds to speak. What a waste.

But at least Erica didn't waste HER 30 seconds. :-)

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