Friday, August 31, 2007

In the beginning......

... I"m finally done.

Done with

Their blogging software has been consistently underwhelming, often verging on useless. Odd problems crop up, like being unable to type in the text window, and a week later everything's fine.

This happens across platforms (mac and pc), across browsers (safari, firefox, IE) and across the country.

I've lost more posts by hitting the 'post' button than I can even remember. It just bounces back with error messages and gives me the previous window, minus all the words I worked so hard for. Gone into the ether.

Or I'll cut and paste something and instead of pasting it, the act of hitting the 'paste' button will, say, fastforward me to the bottom of the page.

On one computer, just trying to create a link would freeze the entire machine, CPU fan roaring away as if it's entered an endless spiral, like the Star Trek computer calculating to the last digit the value of Pi.

To date, Townhall is the only blog site I know that has these problems. I've held out for a couple of years, but I'm officially sick of it.

So here I am. Looking forward to functionality.

The name of the blog?

Well, I'm six feet four, 285 lbs, and my name is Dave. :-)

More to come....


Ixman said...

That's a nice picture! Sincere, with a whimsical smirk and a glint in the eye - and more than a little hint of serial killer.

Body Counto Grande

DavoGrande said...

I'd recommend counseling if I thought you'd go... :-)